Former Timber Yard and Saw Mill, Essex

Site name  Former Timber Yard and Saw Mill, Essex

Description  Mixed Residential Apartments and Commercial

Details  2.00 Hectares

Role  Environmental Consultants

ASL operated as geo-environmental consultants for the redevelopment of a former timber works in Maldon, Essex.  The timber works is bound on two sides by tidal watercourses with the site boundary formed with sheet pile walls.  The site had previously been cleared of all structures.  Intrusive investigation had been completed and these works identified dense non aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) as characterised by creosote at depth beneath the site.  A previous assessment of the site had identified the need for a soil and groundwater remediation in order to be protective of the surface water features bounding the site.

ASL were contracted to completed a detailed quantitative risk assessment to further assess the potential risk to controlled waters from dissolved phase contamination and DNAPL in groundwater.  ASL complete an assessment that determined that remediation of groundwater was not required.  A monitoring programme was recommended as part of the development programme to confirm the conclusions of the assessment.  The assessment was issued to the Environment Agency to their approval.  As a result of the assessment completed by ASL, a significant cost saving was made by the client.

The works completed by ASL comprise the following:

  • Review of previously completed reports, historical data, the site’s environmental setting and land use;
  • Detailed assessment of the contaminant source area and flow path;
  • Interpretation and quantitative assessment of results for contamination issues;
  • Design of a monitoring programme during the construction phase to validate the quantitative risk assessment;
  • Obtain sign off of the relevant planning conditions.