Site Investigations

In property development all the risk is in the ground. ASL has extensive experience in site investigations to assess those risks and provide cost effective solutions to manage and mitigate any identified hazards.

The nature of the ground conditions are an unknown and intrusive investigation is required to reduce the level of uncertainty in the assessment of the ground conditions for contamination and founding properties.

A site investigation comprises two elements, namely a phase 1 desk study and phase 2 intrusive investigation to provide a comprehensive assessment of a given site. ASL provides these services across the UK to a variety of clients and projects. ASL pride themselves on being able to investigate any site, under any conditions for any development. Our scale of work ranges from small residential extensions to major housing and commercial developments.

A desk study provides the background to understanding the geotechnical and environmental risk issues and liabilities that may impact on the site.

ASL has extensive experience in evaluating a variety of data sources including in-house archives, geological mapping, mining records, environmental databases and historical mapping. This information is evaluated in conjunction with a site walkover appraisal to develop a conceptual site model to determine the significance of the risk issues and identifying those that may require further assessment.

ASL compiles desk studies to meet a variety of needs including pre-acquisition studies, development under planning, due diligence and environmental audits.

A desk study could be stand alone or may be integral to the design and implementation of a comprehensive site investigation.

ASL’s experienced staff can design, manage and complete intrusive investigations for a variety of purposes on both greenfield and brownfield sites. The extent of the investigation may be limited to a single exploratory location or a multiphase investigation. A variety of investigation techniques are utilised by ASL including hand dug foundation inspection pits, trial pits, windowless sampling, cable percussion boreholes and rotary drilling. ASL also provides investigation services for sites with limited access requiring specialist investigation plant.

The appropriate scope of works for a phase 2 intrusive investigation is selected based on the site setting, the anticipated ground conditions and the nature of the proposed development.

Through our wide range of clients ASL has completed investigations to obtain site specific data in relation to geotechnical design and assessment, mining, contaminated land assessments and ground gas assessments.