Contaminated Land Risk

ASL has extensive experience in contaminated land risk assessment on a wide range of contaminated land sites including petrol filling stations, former gas works, scrap yards, engineering works, power stations, ordnance and battery manufacturing plants and railway land. We continually conduct research into new investigation and remediation techniques and current legislation to ensure that the advice we provide is the best available.

Through targeted site investigation and chemical laboratory testing of soils and groundwater, the level of contamination is determined which leads to the completion of suitable quantitative risk assessment. ASL provides contaminated land risk assessment capabilities for both human health and controlled waters receptors to address the requirements of the regulatory authorities. The risk assessment leads to the development of a remediation strategy produced to detail how any identified contaminated land risks can be mitigated.

ASL has the capabilities to design and implement remediation strategies and provide the necessary validation of any required remediation or installation of mitigation measures such as cover layers and gas protection..