ASL is a geo-environmental consultancy offering a comprehensive range of geo-environmental services to support the acquisition and development of land in the UK.  We aim to provide site purchasers, vendors and property developers with the information necessary to assist with property valuations and development by cost effective mitigation of geo-environmental issues.

ASL’s experience within the geo-environmental field ranges from some of the largest and most prestigious development projects in the UK to projects for local house builders and small businesses.  ASL currently provides geo-environmental services to a diverse range of clients including residential and commercial developers, funding institutions, architects, landowners, property managers, land agents, structural and civil engineers and sports associations.

Our key services relate to the production of Phase 1 desk studies and Phase 2 intrusive investigations required to meet regulatory requirements for property development. With extensive experience in both contaminated land and geotechnics ASL are well placed to provide effective advice on contamination risk and the founding properties of the ground to meet the client’s needs and address regulatory requirements.

ASL has extensive experience in contaminated land risk assessment on a wide range of contaminated land sites including petrol filling stations, former gas works, scrap yards, engineering works, power stations, ordnance and battery manufacturing plants and railway land.  We continually conduct research into new investigation and remediation techniques and current legislation to ensure that the advice we provide is the best available.

ASL’s expertise in geotechnical engineering covers the determination of the founding properties of ground conditions in relation to traditional shallow foundations, piling and ground improvement techniques for new and existing structures.  We also provide expert advice on pavement design, sustainable urban drainage systems, earthworks, slope stability, solution features and mining issues.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to develop the most appropriate solution to any given situation using the best and most cost effective processes and products without the constraints of any in-house portfolio. This independence allows ASL to provide a proactive, practical and economical approach to projects.

Please contact us on info@aslenvironmental.co.uk for further details on how ASL can be ‘The Geo-Environmental Service Provider’ to your business