Area:  1 Hectare

Details: Residential Development

Services: Geotechnical Investigation, Earthworks Specification and Validation

ASL operated as geotechnical consultants for the earthworks enabling works required as part this residential development.  The earthworks consisted of the placement and compaction of up to 3.5m thickness of site won materials in suitable layers to provide a formation level on which the access roads, hardstandings and gardens could be constructed.  ASL geotechnical engineers attended site to monitor the placement and compaction of the engineered fill materials and to direct the insitu testing and sampling for confirmatory laboratory testing.

The insitu testing comprised sand replacement tests to determine dry density of the placed material together with plate CBR tests and CBR tests to confirm the competency of the placed materials.  The laboratory testing comprised testing to confirm the classification of the materials.

ASL directed removal and replacement of all placed materials not meeting the specification or not adequately compacted.  All replaced areas were re-rested to confirm compliance with the specification.  On completion of the earthworks, ASL prepared a report confirming that the materials had been compacted in accordance with the specification using suitable materials and that the site was in an appropriate state for construction of the development.