Area: 14 Hectares

Development: Residential and Landfill Restoration

Services: Geotechnical Investigation and Contaminated Land Risk Assessment

ASL operated as geo-environmental consultants for this large site located adjacent to an operational landfill site.  An extensive ground investigation was undertaken to establish the ground conditions across the site to identify any potential constraints to the proposed development.

The primary objective was to establish if the adjacent landfill posed a significant risk to the proposed residential development, in terms of contaminated soils and groundwater and the migration of landfill gas.

The works completed by ASL comprise the following:

  • Assessment of the site’s history and environmental setting
  • A site wide intrusive investigation which included deep investigation for the presence of cavities within the natural geology
  • Construction of groundwater and ground gas monitoring wells, focusing on the landfill boundary.
  • Comprehensive ground gas and groundwater monitoring programme.
  • Design of chemical testing regime to characterise the site conditions and investigate potential contamination issues
  • Interpretation and quantitative assessment of results for contamination and ground gas issues
  • Liaison with regulatory authorities to obtain sign off of the relevant planning conditions